Preschool Newsletter

January 2018 Newsletter 

Welcome Back!
We hope that you enjoyed your vacation and were able to spend some great quality time with your children. Much good health and well wishes from everyone here at Building Blocks for a Healthy and Happy New Year!

Many Thanks!
I personally want to thank Mrs. Peters again for arranging the room mothers and to the room mothers who gave of their time in rewarding the staff with generous gift cards. You parents gave, even during this season when you have many financial responsibilities within your families. Please know we are so grateful for all you did in thanking us for a job we love!

Warm Hearts Program
The warm hearts program for donations to the Tufts Medical Center was extremely successful! They are most grateful for your generous donations. We had nearly 100% participation from our families, you are amazing! Enclosed please find a letter from John’s Dad who made the delivery for us. We also thank the Ullom Family for their devotion to the children of Tufts Medical.

Full day and returning student registrations will be held throughout the month of January. The Transitional K and Kindergarten classes fill up quickly so understand this is on a 1st come first serve basis. We cannot guarantee space once registrations have been given out. Expect to receive registrations the week of Jan. 16th.

Tax ID#
The Building Blocks TAX ID # will be given to the parents of children in our all-day program. Please call if you don’t receive one. Parents submitting two W2 forms are eligible to receive child care tax credits. If you were at The Prep from Jan-June, you will need to use The Prep ID#, which you will have on last year’s taxes.

Martin Luther King Day
January 15th – No School

Report Cards/Parent Conferences
We are in the process of setting up times for conferences. Parents will be notified by their teacher of their time. Open House is Wednesday, Feb. 7th. If we have a “snow day”, it will not be rescheduled.


Report Cards will not be given to a child who is not up to date on tuition payments. Parents will need to call to speak with the director if they don’t receive a report card. During the last week of January you will receive your last tuition sheet for you to check omissions.

School Pictures
School pictures are scheduled for March. You will be notified of your particular day.

Please pay close attention to local media that details your Kindergarten/1st grade registration for September 2018. You may register at B.B. in mid-January, Lowell Public in March, Lowell Collegiate Charter School in January and area parochial schools in February.

FYI – Winter Clothing
Now that winter has reared its ugly head, please send your child to school in hat, mittens and boots. Please know that 4 year olds should be able to put on shoes (not tie), put coats on, as well as be able to button and zip. If children are not able to take care of coats, boots, etc, they will always be the last one outside and the last in line. This is not helping gain self confidence, so please try your hardest to say, “No, you need to do this yourself”. The staff obviously are there to teach, assist and encourage those that are struggling. Walking up and down stairs can be another problem. Please remind them to put only one foot on a stair when going up and down. They will have stronger and better developed leg muscles when they learn the correct way to go up and down the stairs, 3 year olds can do this as well.

My personal thanks to all who sent me gifts in addition to my Al Fresca Gift Card. I especially love the family Christmas Cards that were displayed in B.B. over the Holidays. You are terrific families and I am truly blessed with your friendships. Keep the cards coming even when your child has graduated.

Kids Camp and New Year Party
I’m happy to report the success of the camp parties during last week’s vacation. Keep an eye on the website for pictures. There will be a February camp if there is enough interest. Forms will go out early February. Thanks Patty Mc., Miss Souza and Miss Brothers for welcoming in this year with a N.Y. Dance Party complete with wishing wands for 2018

Trivia Contest
Just before Christmas we had our 1st set of Trivia Contests. Mrs. O’s T.K vs Mrs. Raras’ TK, – Mrs. O’s class was the winner. Kindergarten vs. Miss Rosenquist’s TK – Kindergarten was the winner. Thanks to all of you parents who put time in on quizzing your child. Memorizing is such an important skill and them knowing as many Capitals as they can, will make it easier in the 4th grade when they need to know all 50. I was pleased to hear that a 4th grade sibling of one of our K students was his class Capital champion. This family continued to quiz after leaving B.B. and turned this assignment into family fun. What an amazing family!

I personally want to thank the staff for their hard work in turning out a beautiful product for your parent gifts. You will enjoy them year after year when you unpack your personal Christmas treasures. Thanks to those who commented, we so appreciate it.